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Understand what each BMW diagnostic trouble code represents.
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If you're a BMW owner then it's highly likely you will come across a CC-ID error code one day.

The CC-ID (Check Control) is designed to inform the driver of any issues that may occur.

Some issues might be engine related and other error codes might relate to the tyre pressure.

Use this page to discover what each BMW CC-ID code means.

To quickly find the code you're looking for simply press CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and type in the code you need.

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CC-ID BMW Error Codes
Error CodeDescription
CC-ID 403 Trailer Rear Light/Numberplate Light
CC-ID 404 Trailer Left Indicator/Brake Light
CC-ID 405 Trailer Right Indicator/Brake Light
CC-ID 437 Parking Lights On
CC-ID 213 Battery Not Charged
CC-ID 220 Battery Discharge Rate High
CC-ID 229 Battery Charge Low
CC-ID 304 Check Battery Condition
CC-ID 305 Check Battery Terminals
CC-ID 306 Battery Charge Low
CC-ID 247 Battery Monitoring Failed
CC-ID 415 Battery Discharge Rate High
CC-ID 587 High Voltage Battery Low
CC-ID 588 High Voltage Battery, Switch Ignition on to Charge
CC-ID 589 High Voltage Battery Charging
CC-ID 591 High Voltage Battery Charging Aborted
CC-ID 606 High Voltage Battery Output Restricted
CC-ID 607 High Voltage Battery Regeneration Required
CC-ID 63 Tyre Failure
CC-ID 63 Tyre Puncture
CC-ID 50 Tyre Monitoring Failure
CC-ID 139 Front Left Tyre Pressure
CC-ID 140 Rear Right Tyre Pressure
CC-ID 141 Rear Left Tyre Pressure
CC-ID 142 Check Tyre Pressures
CC-ID 143 Front Right Tyre Pressure
CC-ID 144 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Fault
CC-ID 145 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Deactivated
CC-ID 147 Tyre Puncture Detected
CC-ID 149 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Failure
CC-ID 192 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Deactivated, System Initialising
CC-ID 265 Check Tyre Pressures, Mismatch
CC-ID 327 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Deactivated, System Initialising
CC-ID 608 Tyre Pressure, Front Left
CC-ID 609 Tyre Pressure, Front Right
CC-ID 610 Tyre Pressure, Rear Right
CC-ID 611 Tyre Pressure, Rear Left
CC-ID 14 Door Open Front Right
CC-ID 15 Door Open Front Left
CC-ID 16 Door Open Rear Left
CC-ID 17 Door Open Rear Right
CC-ID 18 Bonnet open
CC-ID 19 Boot open
CC-ID 811 Bonnet Open
CC-ID 21 Ignition Problem, Depress Brake to Start
CC-ID 22 Starter Problem, Engine cannot Restart
CC-ID 24 DBC Dynamic Brake Control Brake Assist Failed
CC-ID 25 Preheating, Please Wait
CC-ID 26 Cruise Control Defective
CC-ID 27 Engine Oil Level Low
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