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Understand what each BMW diagnostic trouble code represents.
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If you're a BMW owner then it's highly likely you will come across a CC-ID error code one day.

The CC-ID (Check Control) is designed to inform the driver of any issues that may occur.

Some issues might be engine related and other error codes might relate to the tyre pressure.

Use this page to discover what each BMW CC-ID code means.

To quickly find the code you're looking for simply press CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and type in the code you need.

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CC-ID BMW Error Codes
Error CodeDescription
CC-ID 95 Rear Right Seat Belt Pretensioner Fault
CC-ID 97 Multiple Restraint System Fault
CC-ID 103 Gearbox Overheating- Drive with Care
CC-ID 104 Gearbox Overheating- Reduced Output
CC-ID 105 Gearbox Overheated – Stop Vehicle
CC-ID 106 Rear Left Side Airbag Fault
CC-ID 107 Rear Right Side Airbag Fault
CC-ID 108 Drivers Airbag Fault
CC-ID 109 Passenger Airbag Fault
CC-ID 158 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Sensor Error
CC-ID 164 Windscreen Washer Fluid Low
CC-ID 165 Low External Temperature
CC-ID 166 Engine Coolant Level Low
CC-ID 167 Reset Clock
CC-ID 168 Transmission Malfunction
CC-ID 169 Transmission Position N
CC-ID 170 Transmission Malfunction Reset
CC-ID 171 Transmission Failsafe Active
CC-ID 172 Transmission Malfunction
CC-ID 173 Transmission Position D Only
CC-ID 174 Transmission Position P Only
CC-ID 175 Transmission Malfunction, Position P
CC-ID 176 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Sensor Error
CC-ID 177 Active Cruise Control Malfunction
CC-ID 178 Transmission in Neutral, Engage Parking Brake
CC-ID 179 Transmission Malfunction
CC-ID 180 Dynamic Damper Control Fault
CC-ID 181 System Check Failed
CC-ID 182 Oil Level Sensor Malfunction
CC-ID 183 Windscreen Wiper Malfunction
CC-ID 184 Dynamic Traction Control Active
CC-ID 185 Gear Indicator Failed
CC-ID 186 ELV Steering Lock Fault. Engine cannot be restarted
CC-ID 187 ELV Steering Lock Active. Move Steering Wheel to Restart
CC-ID 195 Park Distance Control Failure
CC-ID 196 Indicator Front Right Failure
CC-ID 197 Indicator Front Left Failure
CC-ID 199 Cruise Control Failed
CC-ID 201 Automatic Hold Disabled
CC-ID 203 Transmission Position in N
CC-ID 204 Dynamic Drive Disabled
CC-ID 205 Remote Key not Present
CC-ID 206 Engine Start on next Press
CC-ID 207 Central Electronics Failure, Stop Vehicle
CC-ID 208 Comfort Access Deactivated
CC-ID 209 Remote Key in Vehicle, Locking not possible
CC-ID 210 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 211 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 212 Engine Oil Pressure, Stop Engine
CC-ID 215 Dynamic Stability Control
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