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Understand what each BMW diagnostic trouble code represents.
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If you're a BMW owner then it's highly likely you will come across a CC-ID error code one day.

The CC-ID (Check Control) is designed to inform the driver of any issues that may occur.

Some issues might be engine related and other error codes might relate to the tyre pressure.

Use this page to discover what each BMW CC-ID code means.

To quickly find the code you're looking for simply press CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and type in the code you need.

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CC-ID BMW Error Codes
Error CodeDescription
CC-ID 216 Fuel Pump Fault
CC-ID 217 No Remote Control
CC-ID 236 Brake and Stability Systems Failure
CC-ID 237 Stability Systems Failure
CC-ID 238 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Hill Descent
CC-ID 239 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 240 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 241 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 242 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 243 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 245 Level Control System Failure
CC-ID 246 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Speed too Low
CC-ID 248 Brake Signal Malfunction, Gears May Be Selected Without Brake
CC-ID 250 Brake Signal Malfunction, Gears May Be Selected Without Brake
CC-ID 251 Transmission Position P
CC-ID 252 Transmission Malfunction
CC-ID 253 Parking Brake Failed
CC-ID 254 Transmission Malfunction Emergency Program
CC-ID 255 Malfunction R,N,D Only With Engine Running
CC-ID 257 Engine Temperature Too High, Drive Moderately
CC-ID 259 Window Anti-Trap Deactivated
CC-ID 260 Sunroof Anti-Trap Deactivated
CC-ID 261 Window Anti-Trap Failure
CC-ID 262 Sunroof Anti-Trap Failure
CC-ID 266 Rollover Protection Malfunction
CC-ID 267 Rear Window Drive
CC-ID 268 Luggage Compartment Position
CC-ID 270 Convertible Top Not Locked
CC-ID 271 Convertible Top, Vehicle Speed
CC-ID 272 Convertible Top Failure
CC-ID 273 Active Steering Fault
CC-ID 275 Low Fuel
CC-ID 276 Engine Speed Too High
CC-ID 277 Active Cruise Control Disabled, Gear Selection
CC-ID 278 Engine Speed Too Low
CC-ID 279 Drivers Seat Insecure
CC-ID 280 Passengers Seat Insecure
CC-ID 281 Service Due
CC-ID 282 Instrument Cluster
CC-ID 283 Instrument Cluster
CC-ID 284 Service Overdue
CC-ID 285 Service OK
CC-ID 286 Fuel Low / Range
CC-ID 287 Clutch Overheated
CC-ID 288 Transmission Malfunction, Failsafe Activated
CC-ID 289 Transmission Malfunction, Failsafe Activated
CC-ID 290 Transmission Malfunction, Journey May Be Continued With Care
CC-ID 291 Transmission Malfunction, Failsafe Activated
CC-ID 292 Transmission Malfunction, Re-Select Gear
CC-ID 293 Press Brake and Select Neutral to Start
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