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Understand what each BMW diagnostic trouble code represents.
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If you're a BMW owner then it's highly likely you will come across a CC-ID error code one day.

The CC-ID (Check Control) is designed to inform the driver of any issues that may occur.

Some issues might be engine related and other error codes might relate to the tyre pressure.

Use this page to discover what each BMW CC-ID code means.

To quickly find the code you're looking for simply press CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and type in the code you need.

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CC-ID BMW Error Codes
Error CodeDescription
CC-ID 296 SOS Deactivated, Check Phone
CC-ID 297 BMW Assist Deactivated
CC-ID 298 BMW Assist Not Possible
CC-ID 299 SOS Call System Failure
CC-ID 300 BMW Assist Deactivated, Check SIM.
CC-ID 301 Seatback Monitoring Failed
CC-ID 302 Park Not Engaged
CC-ID 303 Depress Clutch to Start
CC-ID 307 Transmission Malfunction, Multiple Failures
CC-ID 308 Parking Brake Applied
CC-ID 309 Fuel Pump Malfunction
CC-ID 321 Active Steering Deactivated
CC-ID 322 Transmission Teach-in Active
CC-ID 323 Clutch Teach-in Active
CC-ID 325 Transmission in Neutral
CC-ID 326 Transmission in Drive
CC-ID 328 Brake Pad Wear Sensor
CC-ID 330 Hill Decent Control not Available
CC-ID 331 Hill Decent Control Active
CC-ID 332 Hill Decent Control Deactivated
CC-ID 333 Hill Decent Control not Possible
CC-ID 334 Run Flat System Requires Standardisation
CC-ID 335 Ignition Switched On
CC-ID 336 Dynamic Stability Control
CC-ID 337 Dynamic Cruise Control Failure
CC-ID 338 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Parking Brake
CC-ID 339 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Excessive Braking
CC-ID 340 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Poor Conditions
CC-ID 341 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Gear Selection
CC-ID 342 Dynamic Cruise Control Deactivated, Speed Too Low
CC-ID 347 Position R/N/D Not Possible
CC-ID 348 Engage Park Before Leaving Vehicle
CC-ID 349 Engage Park Before Switching Ignition Off
CC-ID 350 4X4 System Failure
CC-ID 351 4X4 and DSC Failure
CC-ID 352 Brakes Too Hot
CC-ID 353 Brakes Overheated
CC-ID 354 Start Assist Inactive
CC-ID 356 Night Vision Failure
CC-ID 363 Transmission Overload
CC-ID 364 RPA Initialisation
CC-ID 365 Transmission Failsafe
CC-ID 366 Transmission Fault, Failsafe
CC-ID 367 Engine Temperature Too High
CC-ID 368 Transmission Failsafe Active
CC-ID 369 4X4, DSC and ABS Failure
CC-ID 370 4X4, DSC, ABS and EBV Failure
CC-ID 374 Main Beam Assist Defective
CC-ID 375 Main Beam Assist Not Active
CC-ID 376 Main Beam Assist Not Active
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