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Understand what each BMW diagnostic trouble code represents.
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If you're a BMW owner then it's highly likely you will come across a CC-ID error code one day.

The CC-ID (Check Control) is designed to inform the driver of any issues that may occur.

Some issues might be engine related and other error codes might relate to the tyre pressure.

Use this page to discover what each BMW CC-ID code means.

To quickly find the code you're looking for simply press CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and type in the code you need.

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CC-ID BMW Error Codes
Error CodeDescription
CC-ID 377 Main Beam Assist Sensativity
CC-ID 382 DSC Restricted, Brake Pressure Sensor
CC-ID 384 DSC Puncture Detected
CC-ID 385 Steering Assistance Failed
CC-ID 389 Fasten Drivers Seat Belt
CC-ID 390 Fasten Passengers Seat Belt
CC-ID 391 Multiple Restraint System
CC-ID 392 Fasten Seat Belt
CC-ID 393 Gear Selector Position
CC-ID 394 Gear Selector Lever
CC-ID 395 Parking Brake Malfunction
CC-ID 398 Engine Bay Cover Open
CC-ID 399 SMG State Undetermined
CC-ID 400 Engine Oil Level High
CC-ID 401 Roof Mechanism Failure
CC-ID 402 Apply Foot Brake
CC-ID 406 Trailer Electric Brake Failed
CC-ID 410 Parking Brake Malfunction
CC-ID 413 Steering Column Unlocked
CC-ID 416 Luggage Compartment Partition
CC-ID 419 Drive Malfunction
CC-ID 420 Transmission Malfunction
CC-ID 422 Luggage Compartment Lower Lid
CC-ID 423 Trailer Coupling Lock
CC-ID 424 Reversing Camera Soiled
CC-ID 425 Reversing Camera Failure
CC-ID 427 Engine Oil Pressure Low
CC-ID 428 Side Camera Defective
CC-ID 430 Transport Mode Active
CC-ID 431 Brake Loading Too High
CC-ID 432 Roof Drive Overload
CC-ID 434 Seat Calibration Required
CC-ID 435 Lane Departure Warning Fault
CC-ID 436 Seat Position Detection Fault
CC-ID 439 Parking Brake Overload
CC-ID 441 Cruise Control Deactivated
CC-ID 442 Vehicle may Roll Away
CC-ID 443 Vehicle Rolling Away
CC-ID 445 Vehicle Not Level
CC-ID 446 Launch Control
CC-ID 448 Fuel Filter
CC-ID 449 Trailer Coupling Electrics Failed
CC-ID 450 Automatic Start Deactivated
CC-ID 452 Release Autohold
CC-ID 453 Cruise Control Short Range Sensors Disabled
CC-ID 454 Cruise Control Short Range Sensors Soiled
CC-ID 465 Parking Brake Failure
CC-ID 467 Gear Selector Malfunction/Locking
CC-ID 469 Cruise Control Deactivated, Sensors Soiled
CC-ID 474 Driving Performance Control Failed
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