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Parking On Another Persons Driveway

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Someone Parked In My Driveway

Other People Parking On Your Driveway

See the rules and what you can do about another person parking on your driveway.

Unknown Car Parked On My Driveway

Imagine you wake up one morning to find a random car parked on your driveway.

You go outside, check the car over and see that it’s fully taxed and MOT’d by checking online.

What do you do?

Do you call a tow truck and pay for it to be removed or wait for the owner to come and collect the car?

If you’re not willing to pay out of your own pocket, legally there is nothing that can be done.

Unknown Car Parked On My Driveway

Is It Illegal To Park On Someone Else’s Driveway?

Parking on someone else’s driveway is a grey area in terms of legalities.

Most homeowners would rightfully call it trespassing. We think many would agree with that term.

Unfortunately, the police class this situation as a civil offence meaning that it’s not relevant in criminal law.

Not only will the police do nothing about someone parking on your drive, the council will ignore your request too.

Your local council has no right to remove a vehicle from private land and will only do something if it’s blocking the public highways or pavements.

What to do if someone parks in your driveway

As it stands, there isn’t much you can do about it.

The Police will not get involved and as mentioned above, the council won’t help either.

Can I Tow The Offending Vehicle?

You could consider towing the vehicle away however if you cause any damage, you will be held accountable.

If you hire a tow truck this might cost you up to £200 – depending where you live.

Serve An Eviction Notice

The only legal option to remove an unknown car from your driveway is to apply for an eviction notice.
This will cost you money to obtain and you will rack up some hefty legal fees in the process.

Police have advised that you should seek legal advice before taking any action.

Please keep in mind that if you cause any damage to the vehicle, you will be liable.

How To Stop People Parking On Your Driveway

Knowing that legally, anyone can park on your driveway – it’s important to know that you can prevent this from happening.

If you’re tired of people parking on your drive, gather quotes for a gate or collapsible bollards.

There are reputable gate installation companies out there that can discuss your options.

A cheap preventative is to place traffic cones on your driveway when leaving but this is additional hassle.

Other than the options above, there aren’t really any other ways to prevent someone from parking in your driveway.

Can Other Road Users Block My Driveway?

Interestingly enough, blocking a dropped kerb, double yellow lines or a H-Bar is more than enough to get a car fined or removed.

As long as the vehicle isn’t on private property then it will be fine to report them.

If there is a car blocking your driveway and you don’t have a dropped kerb then there is nothing you can do.

Can I Block My Own Driveway?

If your property has a dropped kerb or H-Bar then you are not allowed to park or block it’s access.

Even though the driveway is yours, the rules about blocking dropped kerbs is for every road user.

Can I Put Cones In My Road?


Every road user has the right to park there. Even if there is a parking spot right outside your home, as long as there are no restrictions – anyone can park there for however long they like.

Can I Park Opposite A Driveway?

Some homeowners have signs saying “No parking opposite this driveway” which they have no right to enforce.

As long as the vehicle is taxed, insured and not blocking a dropped kerb, other access point or double yellow lines the vehicle can stay there as long for as it likes.

How To Report A Car Blocking My Driveway

If a car is blocking your driveway and they’re parked across a dropped kerb or H-Bar then follow these instructions:

  1. Take a picture of the offending vehicle
  2. Note down the time / day
  3. Contact your local council
  4. Report the vehicle

You could contact 111 however there are more important things for the Police to be doing so try the council first.

Please keep in mind that parking directly opposite your driveway is not illegal.

All vehicles that have paid road tax have the right to park on the public highway as long as they are not obstructing dropped kerbs, H-Bars or double yellow lines.

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