2 In 1 Microfibre Sponge


Hyper Absorbent – Noodles Retain More Water And Suds Than Other Sponges
Mesh Backing And Chenille Microfibre Noodles On The Other
Durable, Long Lasting And Can Be Reused More Times Than A Standard Sponge
Rear Hand Strap Makes Cleaning Much Easier

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Super-Absorbent, Longer Lasting Cleaning Sponge

The materials used to create this product are of top-quality.

The noodles retain much more water when compared to other sponges and they’re soft too.

This means there’s less friction against your paintwork and the sponge – keeping your paintwork safe and clean.

At the back there is a hand strap to keep the microfibre sponge secured to your hand which makes car cleaning much easier.

Our In-House Testing

We tested this product when cleaning 5 consecutive vehicles during the same day.

For each vehicle we used a jet washer to cover the vehicle in car shampoo and applied the microfibre sponge around the body of each car.

We then jet-washed the remaining suds off to reveal a fantastic clean.

After all 5 vehicles had been cleaned, the microfibre sponge was rinsed, cleaned and left out to dry.

The sponge retained it’s original colour making the product seem “like-new”.

Overall the product faired extremely well. The colour didn’t fade and the noodles remain in-tact.


If you’re looking for a top-quality microfibre sponge then look no further than the Simply 2 in 1 Microfibre Sponge.

This microfibre noodle mitt is also an ideal tool for cleaning your headlights so if you’re thinking of doing a bit of headlight restoration, use this first to clean the headlights.

It’s affordable, long-lasting and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

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