California Scents: Coronado Cherry


– In-Car Air Freshener
– Last up to 60 days
– Non-toxic fragrance


California Scents: Coronado Cherry

The Coronado Cherry scented air freshener from California Scents has always been a favourite for car owners.

This long-lasting in-car air freshener can be stored under your seat, in the boot or inside your cup holders.

It gives off a very powerful scent that can be controlled by using the vented lid and leaves no mess.

100% Organic Car Air Freshener

This canned air freshener from California Scents is eco-friendly, spill proof and made of 100% organic, non-toxic fragrance oils with no volatile organic compounds.

All contents of the Coronado Cherry are recyclable, bio-degradable and lasts up to 60 days.

Product Tip: During the end of it’s lifespan, add a splash of a water to the can to get an extra week of usage.

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