Discreet Magnetic Phone Holder


– Four-pin connection that securely locks onto your vehicles’ air vent.
– Comes with metal strips that work behind most phone cases
– Discreet design meaning it blends in with your vehicle

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A Tactful, Magnetic Phone Holder

This product is designed to be small, discreet and takes up less that a third of your vehicles’ air vent when fitted.

No more bulky car phone holders – this is roughly the size of a £2 coin.

The beauty of a magnetic holder is it makes securing your phone much easier. No mess around with clips, just attach and detach as you please.

PH010 Magnetic Phone Holder

Making Your Phone Case Magnetic

This product comes with a 3M metal plate that slides between your phone and it’s case – making your phone case magnetic.

Whilst this product isn’t revolutionary by any means, it’s extremely handy to have.

The strong magnetic holder secures your mobile properly making it easier to view your sat-nav when needed.

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