Optima Headlight Restoration Wipes

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Optima headlight wipes bring back the shine to your headlights and it can be done in just two steps.

  • ✔️ No Tape
  • ✔️ No Polishes
  • ✔️ No Drills

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headlight restoration kit and wipes

Optima Headlight Restoration Wipes

Optima headlight wipes restores optical clarity to oxidised, yellowed and dulled headlight units.

There’s a simple, two-step process that results in crystal clear headlight units that improves not only visibility but safety too.

If you’re looking for a way to restore your headlights with ease, look no further than Optima Headlight Wipes!

The Benefits Of Using Optima Headlight Wipes

  • Restores Headlight Units
  • 12-Month UV Protection
  • Simple, Two-Step Application
  • No Tapes, Polishes Or Drills Needed

Simple, Two-Step Process Explained

The two-step process involves just the wipes in the box and 10 minutes of your time.

There’s no need for messy polishes, finding the right drill-bits or tape around the headlights.

This application is perfect for use before an MOT to make your headlights passable or if you’re sprucing up your vehicle before selling.

Optima Headlight Wipes: Instructions

Step 1

Open Wipe 1 and wipe the first headlight surface until the entire headlight is covered.

Once clean, dry the headlight with a clean cloth.

Repeat this step on the other headlight unit using the other Wipe 1.

Step 2

Ensuring both headlight units are clean and dry, open Wipe 2.

Do not unfold the cloth and apply evenly to both headlights to achieve a smooth finish.

Remember not to touch the headlights and make sure they remain moisture free and as dry as possible.

Leave the headlights to cure for 4 hours in a dry environment and avoid car washes for 48 hours.

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